A gold opportunity of epic proportions has opened up in southern Australia.

Beneath the planes of Victoria lie as many as 75 million high-grade ounces of the precious metal, just waiting to be found.

That’s the view of the Geological Survey of Victoria, at least, and the global exploration community has begun to cotton on. After all, plays like this don’t go long unnoticed.

It all started with Kirkland Lake Gold’s (NYSE:KL) Fosterville Gold Project – the world’s highest grade and lowest cost gold mine.

Local media reports that this world-class mining region is reaching “frenzy state”.

Juniors have flocked to Victoria from all over the world hoping to replicate Fosterville’s success. These firms have been aggressively acquiring licenses and commencing drill programmes. In the past 12 months they’ve enjoyed increasingly exceptional results.

It’s not just these smaller firms that have zoned in on Victoria though. Juggernaut miner Newmont (NYSE:NEM) has even staked a vast land package in the region.

Majors like this typically leave exploration to the junior explorers, jumping in when a commercial discovery is made. But with so much high-grade gold and such low mining costs on offer, what’s the point in waiting? Especially when even the locals are even getting involved.

In July last year, one Victoria retiree discovered a 2 kilogram gold nugget worth USD$130,000 armed only with a metal detector and a shovel.

In these goldfields, great riches are everywhere to be found.

And amid this tidal wave of interest, three London-listed exploration companies are among the best placed to seize the Victoria gold opportunity.

Red Rock Resources (LSE:RRR), Power Metal Resources (LSE:POW) and ECR Minerals (LSE:ECR) were the first in London to spot this an enormous opportunity and moved before anyone else could blink.

The three firms staked vast claims in three of the most prospective mining areas in Victoria – Ballarat, Bendigo, and Creswick.

With each company now getting ready to accelerate its plans, the potential for multiple investment returns is tantalising.

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Author: Daniel Flynn

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