Jangada Mines (LSE:JAN) announces a significant improvement to the economics of its Pedra Branca project through the addition of a JORC compliant nickel and copper sulphide resource. The new resource will be included in the Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS), slated for delivery in H1 2019, and is expected to substantially improve already favourable economics.

The company announced it had identified the mineralization in October. The new nickel resource conveniently sits below the existing target PGM resource and planned open-pit mine. Since the nickel can be processed and recovered using the same plant as the PGMs there will be minimal additional CAPEX required making extraction economical.

Its estimated the new resource consists of around 8.2 million tonnes of mineral which the company believes could be worth an additional $110m project revenue at today’s spot price. Jangada also highlights that there is a strong chance the resource can be increased further as it is open at depth and along strike.

Brain McMaster told MiningMaven:

“Today’s news is highly positive for Jangada. The inclusion of our maiden nickel resource significantly improves Pedra Branca's economics, for what should be a minimal increase in the cap-ex requirement. The reason for this is that the nickel sulphide body is close to the existing PGM resource and will get processed by the same plant, so no additional plant will be required.”

This is a great way for us to end 2018 and marks what I expect will be the beginning of a period of increased news flow, as we advance towards completing the Bankable Feasibility Study in the spring.”

Pedra Branca covers around 48,000 hectares and Jangada estimates the project will produce around 64,000 ounces of PGM+Au per annum.

At today’s platinum price of $787, forecast production would generate a rough ballpark figure for revenues of $50.368m. That’s a conservative calculation since Spot palladium and gold are priced significantly higher at $1250, and $1240 respectively.

In November Jangada announced a 32% reduction in total capital expenditure required, estimating costs for year one of $81.482m. This suggests an impressive payback time on initial investment of just 1.62 years.

Today’s JORC resource addition further enhances project economics at Pedra Branca, while fundamentals for nickel and copper continue to look strong due to decreasing supply and increased demand from new battery technologies.

Brian McMaster, Chairman of Jangada, said: “Our ongoing work has enabled us to further understand the dynamics, scale and potential of the ore-body; the Project’s main economic drivers are palladium, platinum and nickel and the associated by-products are essentially cream on the top. “The planned processing route allows us to process and recover all metals in one concentrate from the one plant, meaning that the economics of Pedra Branca have improved substantially. We expect to demonstrate this in the upcoming BFS. Clearly, the current NPV of US$192 million against the Company’s current circa £6 million market cap demonstrates a disparity between asset and valuation; we expect this gap to close substantially as we continue to de-risk the Project.”

Author: Stuart Langelaan

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