On Monday, ECR Minerals (LSE:ECR) announced it had started the processing and interpretation of airborne and ground geophysics at its Windidda gold project. The project is 100pc owned by ECR and contains nine exploration licenses across the Yilgarn region in Western Australia.

Windidda is thought to contain Archaean greenstones buried beneath cover, the likes of which host many of Western Australia and the world’s most prolific gold deposits.

This particular gold exploration model has already been tested successfully by Greatland Gold (LSE:GGP) at the Ernest Giles project located 125km east of Windidda.  The nine licence applications submitted by ECR also cover a large proportion of an identified gravity-magnetic trend with known gold prospects along trend to the south.

The analysis of airborne and ground geophysics is a key stage in determining the locations of potential high-profile drill targets. ECR expects these to be amenable to cost-effective air core drilling which will give the explorer greater clarity on the potential gold mineralization on offer.

The Yilgarn Craton is Australia's premier mineral province, attracting more than half of Australia's minerals exploration expenditure, and responsible for two-thirds of all gold and most of the nickel mined in Australia. In fact, Yilgarn contains around 30pc of the world's known gold reserves. Additionally, It is also rich in nickel - holding 20pc of global reserves, - and 80% of the world's tantalum reserves can be found there. Copper, Iron ore, zinc and minor lead reserves have all been identified at Yilgarn Craton.

Craig Brown, Chief Executive Officer commented: “I am pleased to announce that we have launched the next crucial stage in the development of our understanding of scale of the Windidda gold project.

The work being undertaken will greatly assist our understanding of the Project and help us to focus on the higher profile target areas for follow up drilling.

The feedback from this work will be available to the Company shortly and will enable us to advance our operational planning, including the development of key drill targets in our search for high impact gold mineralisation.” 

Author: Stuart Langelaan

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