Connemara Mining: Company Focus October 2012

Zinc Joint Venture on Track as Enticing Gold Play Emerges from the Mist

The most important asset of any business is its management, and it is said, anything minus sound management, equals nothing. This might be doubly so in the natural resources sector with high risk a constant and assets difficult to manage. Experienced investors into this sector know that most companies will never make a discovery that can be profitably developed. Similarly, the majority of company directors, though diligent and driven, will fail to become associated with a commercially viable discovery.

Connemara Mining: The fundamental things apply...

With Mining and Exploration, it always comes down to the macroeconomic fundamentals. Global demand and supply for any particular commodity will invariably set the backdrop determining, to a greater part, the worth of companies within that sector.

So given the burgeoning levels demand from China and its equally vociferous neighbours, what are the fundamentals for Zinc? Often overlooked by investors, yet its rust resistant properties make it an essential element in the manufacturing of many modern day appliances.